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Environmental Careerships

Location: South Cambodia
Duration: Minimum 3 months, Maximum 12 months

  • Gain Extensive Marine Conservation Research and Data Accumulation skills
  • Become a PADI Qualified Divemaster
  • Work closely with experienced staff in this grassroots project
  • Opportunit...

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Location: Central Bali
Duration: Minimum 1 month, Maximum 6 months

  • Work closely with experienced staff creating and implementing sustainable initiatives
  • Hands-on experience in Permaculture, Mobile Rice Mills and other innovative technologies and techniques
  • Opportunit...

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Location: South Belize
Duration: Minimum 2 weeks

  • Produce rare strains of cacao plants, learning about sustainable agroforestry & tropical agriculture
  • Hands-on organic farm experience, growing and producing cacao, planting and harvesting.
  • Remote and beautiful loca...

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Location: Brazilian Pantanal region
Duration: 2 weeks total project length.

  • Conduct on-going research and conservation initiatives with scientists in the field
  • Monitoring and observation of local flora and fauna, implementation of conservation measures; placement can be tailored to...

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Location: Central Ecuador
Duration: Minimum 2 weeks, Maximum 1 year

  • Work closely with experienced scientists, agronomists and marketing staff
  • Hands-on experience in physical production and online marketing 
  • Numerous research & dissertation opportunities avai...

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Location: North Nicaragua
Duration: Minimum 2 months, Maximum 6 months

  • Work closely with experienced engineers and support staff developing and implementing sustainable energy solutions to rural areas
  • Hands-on experience with working with the NGO to electrify the region and develop...

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Location: 2 hours from Panama City

Duration: 11 weeks

Fees$4,995 USD / £2,950 GBP for 11 weeks


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Location: Two hours from Panama City
Duration: 11-12 weeks

  • Truly unique internship experience with emphasis on hands-on learning & personal growth
  • Ideal for those studying agriculture, permaculture, sustainability & environmental sciences
  • Keywords: permacultu...

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